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Enabling investors with technology, marketing, sales & strategy.


We bring ideas to life.

We build the ideas from the ground up, test and run them ourselves before putting them on the market. We are your new technological partners – we are on call 24/7 to ensure the success of your investment – our success counts on it.

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Plan & Research

Got an idea? Chuck it our way, we'll do the digging for you and see if it's viable.

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Corporate Dressing

Image is everything, so, we'll make your brand look like a million dollars.

Breaking the market

Brand exposure & business development is our forte, just wait & see.

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Helping your investments become self-sustainable while increasing ROI,
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    So how does it work? You focus on handling operations, we’ll handle all the fancy tech stuff, marketing & automations for you. Think of us as your technology, marketing, design & business development department.

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    From the PORTFOLIO

    Self-sustainable business models with huge potential for global scaling.

    So how does it work? Let’s check Getting Started.

    We use speed & agility to create lean businesses with one aim – to create a solid backbone to your business. We focus primarily on building a solid infrastructure that can keep your business afloat even on the rainiest of days.

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    Affordable pricing.
    Easy scaling.

    We tailor all our start up launches but with a few key fundamentals always in place from Website, Application development, sales structures to sales automation systems being the core of the business. Once we have a strong solid backbone to a start ups infrastructure, we start focusing on in-house training and on-boarding systems for our clients to be fully automated.

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    What to expect?
    Easy setup.

    We’ve streamlined our launch processes over the years to the point where we can launch projects within a month.

    Project Status

    Book a meeting with us directly via here.

    Done in the first two weeks.

    Main steps

    1. Register your interest

    Got an idea? We want to hear about it. We'll have a consultation & discuss your project. Let's Talk..

    2. Research & Brand Concept

    Firstly we must piece together a proof of concept, research the market & strategise.Can it be self-sustainable?If yes, then we're ready to start.

    3. Design & Development

    To achieve the best results, we develop high end branding & online infrastructure.We create name brands. Let's make an impact together.

    Project Status

    We’ll focus on building the foundations of your success here.

    Reach out & let’s talk!

    Positioning Your Brand

    4. Training & Workflow

    Once we've got a basic structure to the brand & technology then we start training. Once training is done, we'll create a workflow for the months to come in order for you to succeed.

    5. Testing & QA

    To achieve best results, our team will do test the technology vigorously to ensure
    quality & sustainability. At this point you'll also be able to test amongst your team.

    6. Strategy & Positioning

    We'll focus on creating a self-sustainable strategy in order for your business to grow, part of this includes your brand position in order to break the market correctly.

    Project Status

    The most exciting part of any project launch!

    We provide 1 year free support for every project!

    Final steps

    7. Pre-launch

    At this point, we'll setup all of our pre-launch procedures and you'll get your own project launch check list too!.

    8. Campaigns & Exposure

    Due to our large databases across the world, we'll help you introduce your project to thousands of businesses in your chosen location.

    9. That’s it!

    Now you're ready, you're ready to enter the market and start growing your new brand!

    What’s included with each project?

    We provide everything you need to launch & make the business successful. We provide you with full online infrastructure from websites to mobile applications then we dress up your brand to look like a million dollar company, because image is everything. Once we’ve got a base, we then analyze the market in order to create self-sustainable business strategies and provide you with a powerful workflow which you can execute. Aside from training, we will also provide you with full marketing campaigns, designs, branding, videos and much more.

    Do you provide training?

    Yes we provide dedicated training for your exact project and we also provide you with a learning platform ‘Investor Study’ which has everything any entrepreneurs needs to learn in order to execute their projects in-house without the need to outsource agencies. We also provide you with access to ‘Investor Wiki’ which gives you instant access to thousands of strategies, guides & tutorials on-demand with the latest market know-how.

    Do you provide separate services outside your projects for sale?

    We do not, we only build projects from the ground up. However, we do provide consultancy services through The Investor Group to help an existing project flourish. If you’re looking to upgrade your brand image, we have Investor Design which sells branded design for companies with everything included, if you’re not looking to buy a project.

    What kind of projects can Investor Works create?

    We create projects ranging from simple local businesses all the way to complex blockchain technology projects. However, all our projects follow the same procedures to become self-sustainable with the use of automation, artificial intelligence and research. We’ve built projects ranging from Uber for cleaners to simple projects like Laundrex which conquered the Cyprus market for laundry & dry cleaning services within 2 months of launch!

    Do you help us break into the market?

    More than that, we’ll provide you with databases, email automation tools and marketing strategies for on-going campaigns. We also give every company we work with access to in-house training so that you do not need to outsource agencies and grow within your organization.

    Do I own the project / intellectual property rights if I buy it?

    Yes, if you buy a project for full ownership you will be the outright owner of the brand, app and all designs etc. If you choose partnership, your company will also own it but we will have a small stake in the company in order to provide on-going development, marketing, design & campaigns.

    What kind of projects can Investor Works create?

    We create projects ranging from simple local businesses all the way to complex blockchain technology projects. However, all our projects follow the same procedures to become self-sustainable with the use of automation, artificial intelligence and research.

    Meet our customers.

    Tourism Platform

    “Investor Works helped us develop a self-sustainable strategy with inbound marketing. Pedro provided us with in-depth advices which changed our whole perspective in business and has lit a fire within a company!``

    Khaled Samman

    SEEU Car Rentals • Co-Founder


    ``We bought Volt by Pros - a ready made startup; the brand itself is incredible, the website & app even more so. The strategies provided are exactly what any business would need and I would recommend anyone to work with these guys!``

    Andreas Kyriakou

    Volt by Pros • Co-founder

    Courier App

    ``We wanted to break into the courier market & Investor Works provided us the most revolutionary project available on the market - allowing us to grow globally instantly & with small investments!``

    Carla Barroso

    The Fast Box • Co-founder

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    We are passionate about creating brands that can sustain themselves without the need of constant cash injections. We focus on creating deeply connected brands, services, and teams that enable sustainable growth within a company through the use of technology and planning.

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      October 1, 2021

      Homehop – Real Estate Market

      The #1 way to home hop! We make hopping to a new home fast & easy with thousands of properties available for you to browse from. Buy,...

      • Strategy


      • Design

        Wordpress & Flutter

      • Client

        Multiple Countries Available

      • Operations

        Online management

      • Franchise Fee


      • Licensing Fee


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      August 1, 2021

      Hoova – “Uber” for cleaners

      The #1 way to book your next clean! We created Hoova with the objective of empowering cleaners with the opportunity to gain bookings based off their availability,...

      • Strategy


      • Design

        Laravel & Flutter

      • Client

        Multiple Countries Available

      • Operations

        Online management

      • Franchise Fee


      • Licensing Fee


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      August 1, 2021

      Laundrex – SOLD

      The #1 Laundry & Dry Cleaning app in Cyprus! We created Laundrex with the intention of showing how powerful local businesses infused with technology can become. Within...

      • Strategy

        B2B & SEO

      • Design

        Laravel & Flutter

      • Client

        GLM Advertising LTD

      • Operations

        Fully outsourced

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      August 1, 2021

      The Fast Box Franchise

      Looking for a franchise in the logistics industry? Fast Box is the perfect app for couriers on-demand, it allows users to choose a pick up, drop off...

      • Strategy

        Low cost & global reach

      • Design

        Laravel & Flutter

      • Client

        FOR SALE

      • Franchise Fee


      • Tech

        Laravel & Flutter

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