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Who We Are

We make strategies,
design & development
to create self-
sustainable startups.

How it works

Easy, fast & simple. Our process ensures your success.


Introduction & proposal

Everything starts here. We’ll have an initial consultation video call, free of charge to understand your vision & prepare your proposal. We’ll send you an e-agreement which you can approve & sign online.


Design & Development

Once we’ve got a clear picture and know the direction; we’ll get to work on creating you a multi-million pound looking brand & provide you with the best infrastructure on the market.


Planning & Workflow

We believe every idea can be turned into gold, essentially that’s why we’re here. We’ll plan, research and create an initial workflow to see if your business can become successful & self-sustainable.


Entering the market

Project is ready, you’re ready – now let’s get you some clients through the door. Aside from marketing campaigns, we’ll set you up with tools & infrastructure which will allow you to build the foundations for inbound marketing.


Paving the way for a successful investment

We partner with investors in order to provide years of experience within a phone call, we provide you with full solutions to ensure your business is self-sustainable.


Changing the way investors invest in Startups



We integrate your business with the latest api’s.

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Guides & Tutorials

Guides available at your finger tips for every topic.



We’ve got ready-made tools ready to ensure your project success!

Your chance of success, if you follow our workflows, guides & you running the business...
The Investor Group

Investors get access to the following:

Instant access to all the know-how within the industry at your finger tips.

Find candidates that have all been part of our training programs to fit your brand.

We provide in-house training to all our investors so you don’t need to outsource.

Keep up with the latest news in the industry in order to stay ahead of your competition.

Technological Partners

We believe that people are essential.

Working with passionate partners.

What's the benefit of a technological partnership?

We’ve found that most businesses fail because they do not have their own marketing, design, development teams in-house. When outsourcing to agencies; these agencies do not understand their business let alone have an attachment to its success. That’s why we partner with our investors, to have your own team at your disposal without having to pay for fees.

What do you offer with tech partnerships?

Aside from being by your side the whole way, we provide on-going consultancy, strategy, marketing, design, development, assistance and support for your business. Because we own a %, we want it to succeed just as much as you do, so opportunities are endless. We tool you up with databases, automation softwares and make sure your business is self-sustainable; forget the constant cash injections – we got you.

Ok, I want in - how do we go about this?

Let’s have a chat and understand your vision first, if we see potential and truly believe that we can be an addition to your success; then we’ll go ahead! Use our live chat or contact us on Whatsapp directly!

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